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Trail grades

Grade 1

Grade 1: for all

Suitable for everyone, including pushchairs and people operating their own wheelchairs

Surface: Tarmac or smooth, compacted stone with a diameter of 10 mm or less. Path width will be a minimum of 1 metre with passing places

Grade 2

Grade 2: for many

Suitable for assisted wheelchair users and families with more robust, all-terrain type buggies

Surface: The path surface will be rougher stone of 4 cm diameter or less

Grade 3

Grade 3: for some

Suitable for some. 

Surface: Rough, sometimes muddy tracks with stiles or gates. Routes that require you to walk or cycle on busier roads

Useful links

Devon County Council and East Devon District Council are in the early stages of designing the multiuse  Clyst Valley Trail route, which will connect Exeter  with nearby towns and villages in East Devon. The route will be a fully accessible recreational trail for walkers, cyclists, mobility scooters and, where feasible, horse riders. 

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Do you have children that are unable to get to school safely on foot or by bike? Is your green space suffering from neglect? Do you find it difficult to get to a place that holds precious memories for you? Your stories are very powerful, and can help us win funding to make a difference to you and your family.

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