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Love of trees unites community

People standing in the shape of a heart

On the Saturday before Valentines Day, a field next to the Minerva Country Park was transformed as families got busy planting 1,000 trees to create a new woodland. Our new gazebo was christened, delicious cakes (courtesy of Heather Rhodes, Martinsfield Farm) were consumed, a 4-metre tall T-Rex ('Rexy' to his friends) roared for the children, and his diminutive friend 'Gordonia' was petted by little ones.

Dinosaur entertaining two small children

Bookings for free tickets reached the limit of 200 by the Friday before, demonstrating peoples desire to make a difference to their local environment, for nature and for the future. The forecast may have helped too! With many thanks to landowners the Gent family and to Max Redwood for film making.